Windshields are our business card

Easy maintenance of windshields is a matter of course for us

Do you need to replace the windshield or would you just like to have your vehicle tinted?  This and other services offered by Autosklo Praha.  We also repair modify and cut the glass of cars or refurbish headlights.  All without waiting long weeks without your car!
Easy and convenient maximum effect maintenance

Personal vehicle?  Bus?  Lorry?  Either way we repair and replace all types of vehicles.  So you do not have to hesitate either with a bus or a truck because even with those Autosklo Praha will perform the necessary repairs modifications or replacement.
No stress

You do not have to have unnecessary stress from the lengthy and nerve-racking paperwork with the insurance company.  Autosklo Praha cooperates with almost all insurance companies in the Czech Republic so it will handle the formalities related to your insurance.

Windshields are our business card
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