Who wants to ride the car chooses windshields from us

Modern driver insists on modern car equipment

Reliable careful fast and responsible.  All this applies to the company Autosklo Praha where we will repair the glass of your vehicle whether it is just a crack a completely broken glass or other modification according to your wishes.
A modern driver does not know the compromise on his car's equipment

We not only repair but also replace cut or tint glass.  We also newly refurbish headlights.  In addition Autosklo Praha is open nonstop.  So you can really come at any time no matter what type of service you need and whether your vehicle is personal or freight.

No formalities with the insurance company

The advantage that will bring you a visit to Autosklo Prague is our cooperation with a large number of insurance companies.  For you this means that we will arrange everything for your car insurance and thus save your time!

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