Treat yourself to a good diet

Treat yourself to a healthy diet

Are you looking for the most convenient painless and cheapest way to achieve optimal weight?  Our Boxing Diet Prague will help you.
Lose weight with us

For more than a year we have been offering our clients healthy eating improving their fitness saving time and worries about grocery shopping.  Our boxing diet for Prague has its satisfied clients who cannot appreciate this way of eating.
Boxing diet – a diet made to measure

Boxing diet Prague and surrounding towns are not just about losing weight.  It's a total lifestyle change.  So we have prepared for you 2 variants for both women and men.  In the first – slimming variant – there is especially reduced caloric intake but the diversity and taste of all meals is preserved.  In the second – maintenance – variant we then focus on making calorie intake divided into regular intervals so that the individual portions are balanced and you haven't been hungry nor have you felt tired while maintaining your ideal weight.

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