Replace the old scratched car glass

We will help arrange everything

Are you looking for a perfectly done job without delay?  In the area of ​​glass replacement on your car Autosklo Praha will provide you with all service.
We will process the documents for you

The front rear and side glass of your car will be put into the initial state by a team of experienced car windshields Prague.  Precise work is combined with the use of state-of-the-art technology as well as the willing and careful attitude of the staff.  Glass from Prague glass is perfect for your personal and truck buses and construction machines.  Atypical fixtures are no problem.  Similarly the volume of services covers the demand for glass for domestic and foreign vehicles.  Do not leave any minor cracks to repair.
Guaranteed quality assurance

If it is necessary to install a new car glass contact the unique Prague car glass team.  The operator saves the amount of money he would have to pay for the fine and can also use the services free of charge thanks to the accident insurance and the windscreen rider.

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