Mount your washing machine and shower

A plumber in Prague will not normally stop.  But our craftsmen will be happy to take your time at any time when you really need it.  We know that repairing wastes and others is often needed immediately.
We will repair everything you need
Waste water distribution toilets boilers and faucets will be repaired easily quickly and mainly well.  In addition you can also order us to install washing machines dishwashers shower enclosures and washbasins.  What we do for you is up to you.  Call us and tell us what you need.
You will not pay for express arrival
Emergency services are normally at an additional cost.  Definitely not with us.  We will come to you within an hour without any extra charge.  You pay for work and used material.  Prices are not exorbitant but you get really good service.  We have almost 30 years of experience.

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